At BCOG we love to see people of all ages come to a more in-depth understanding of our savior Jesus Christ. We love helping people to get into smaller settings where there is more freedom to connect, ask questions, serve and have fun.

We invite you to get involved:

Men’s Ministry – Defining authentic manhood by biblical standards                                                                                                                Women’s Ministry – Enabling women to grow spiritually and develop their gifts
Children’s Ministry – Teaching children from birth through 5th grade about Jesus
Youth Ministry – Growing middle and high school youth in the Word, action, and service
Senior Adult Ministry – Connecting our 50+ members in community & service
Connect Groups – Creating small communities to learn, connect, and support each other
Life Structure & Recovery – Co-laboring with those struggling to free themselves from destructive habits
Worship, Arts, and Tech – Serving the church through music, creative and technical arts
Prayer Ministry – Enabling prayer through requests, prayer meetings, and information
Missions & Outreach – Reaching Madison and beyond to declare God’s glory and serve human needs